made natural


a ready to cook magic masala Gravy

lets keep it simple.
there is no magic here, just traditional cooking with high quality farm ingredients.

cooking time reduced to just 10 minutes while tons of customization possible, so today's kids never miss their
Amma's Kai Pakuvam!

spend more time

at-dinning. not-kitchen.

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we are your nutrition partner!
providing you with our all natural and fresh ready to cook Base Gravy

Food is the one thing that should never be compromised even if everything around us changes. So we got you our Fresh ready-to-cook Base-Gravy to eat healthy in this fast phase lifestyle.

We make sure you get healthy hygienic food every time and so you never need to worry about your food habits.

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we make sure you eat healthy!
feel confident and proud you and your family eat the good food

Healthy all natural Fresh Ready to Cook Base Gravy for your everyday cooking needs. Prepare fresh food in just 10 mins without compromising your authentic South Indian flavours. 100% Natural and fresh with no preservative, no added colours or chemicals.

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No Added Colors

We donot add any additional colours to your food.

No Added Preservatives

We do not add any preservatives in your Base Gravy.

All Natural

All the ingredients sourced carefully which is of highest quality and Natural.


Doesnot contains any product related to animals. Its a Vegan food.

this is what we added for you

this is how we make it for you

Process 1
Fresh Vegetables and other ingredients are chosen with care
Process 2
Vegetables were Cleaned and Cut with semi automated process to maintain hygiene
Process 3
All ingredients are added to the automated machine at correct proportions and timing to maintain the consistency and retain the nutrition
Process 4
Cooked at right temperature and time to get the authentic taste. We add nothing other than listed items. No added colours or flavors. All 100% Natural
Process 5
Prepared Gravys are transffered to the high quality food grade pouches and stored in the refrigerator between 2-4 degree C
Process 6
Shipped to the respective locations and to serve you with fresh food everyday

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